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We have dynamically changed the way it goes with services regarding Deck Restoration and while we lead, others learn and follow.

Our deck restoration service covers repair, and maintenance services for all your exterior wood structures and surfaces.

If it is about exterior wood, our service is your best resource all under one roof!

We realize the investment a property owner has will always require professional deck restorations, and we are here to provide all of these services for the life of that structure.

Our deck restoration services are available throughout St.Tammany, Washington, Tangipahoa and Livingston Parishes.

You can take a moment to review our gallery and Contact Us for your superior Deck Restoration.

If your deck is beginning to show its age, along with several other hitches - we will help you restore it. It could be that your deck has suffered under tough weather conditions and/or due to neglect; whatever is the case, it is time for a deck restoration to make it appear like new again. We will strip off any old stain likely left on the deck, then clean and brighten the wood to look super new, help to remove and replace any bad or broken boards and then stain and reseal the wood with the ultimate grade of premium stains available.D

Let us help you make your outdoor space once again become your outdoor “living” space and the envy of your neighbors!