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Painting Services for Listing a Home For Sale


Prepping Your Home For Sale

With the real estate market coming back strong, many people are considering selling their home in an effort to move up.  One of the most cost effective things that can be done to get your home sold fast and for the money you are looking for is a fresh coat of paint.  Real Estate agents are well aware that a fresh coat of paint helps a property sell, so many real estate agents have relationships with residential home painters so they can get quality work done at affordable rates.  If you are a real estate agent and don’t have a home painter in your pocket, you need one.

Using Professional Painters

Professional painters have years of extensive industry experience. From residential to commercial establishments, they have the tools and expertise to enhance and beautify any property. From single and double coats to paint swatches, they offer a full suite of painting services to get your home updated. Along with daily jobs and projects, a professional painter can also get your home sparkling for an upcoming showcase or sale. In fact, painting contractors have helped countless property sellers and real estate agents prep their homes or businesses for sale. Not only are they available months in advance, they also facilitate emergency painting requests for leading real estate agencies and firms.

Painting Services for Properties

With a painting contractor, no job is every too big or small. Most home painters are also fully certified and insured to paint a myriad of residential and commercial properties. From one-story homes to mansions, they network with real estate agents that require quick and effective painting services for homes on the market. In a nutshell, professional painters are committed to excellence in all touch-up or full painting jobs. Contractors also network with local paint shops and suppliers to help real estate agents and property sellers with substantial savings and discounts. Some even agree to paint homes in escrow, which means they will receive a significant amount for their services once the property sells. Whether for traditional or contemporary homes, area painters can truly meet your needs within time and budget.

Painting Contractors

The real estate industry continues to soar at rapid rates. With the end of the recent fiscal crisis, there is more money available for home rentals and purchases. With that in mind, it is vital for real estate agents to maintain strong relationships with local painters and painting companies. This helps them secure professional painting services for homes that will soon be sold. As part of the home selling process, houses must be beautified in order to effectively attract and engage potential investors and buyers.


What Is The Difference Between Paint and Stain?


Understanding The Difference Between Paint and Stain

This is a question that many painting contractors get to hear from homeowners who are looking to paint their homes. Fundamentally, paint and stain are the same they as they both have pigment that is carried in a liquid. But that is where the similarities end and here is where the differences begin:

Paint is a lot thicker than stain. As a layman, you may not be able to determine which is paint and which is stain from afar but open the can and you will see that stain is a lot more fluid.

covington house painterThe most fundamental difference between paint and stain is that paint is designed to sit on the surface while stain is designed to seep into the product. That is why it is used primarily to color wooden surfaces and objects as it penetrates the the wood as opposed to applying itself to the surface. Stain is meant to enhance the look on wood while paint does just the opposite – it hides the beauty of the wood.



Reapplying Paint vs Stain

Stain wears off over time and has to be reapplied.  If you have noticed that your wood furniture or decking has a lackluster appearance, it may be time to reapply stain. With stain, you can apply more over the existing layer.  Paint deteriorates as well but the process of reapplying is a lot different. You have to get the original coat of paint off by scraping and sanding so that you can apply fresh paint.

Stain is designed to preserve wood and make it last longer and also keep it safe from wood-boring insects. Paint does not have this ability.

The Cost Difference Between Paint and Stain

Paint is a lot more expensive than stain and it also takes a longer time to apply because every surface that will be painted has to be primed. It is true that you also have to prepare areas that are going to be stained but it takes a shorter time.

You can choose a transparent stain or you can choose one which tints the wood slightly. Paint, on the other hand, doesn’t give you this option.

Now that you know the difference between paint and stain you can go ahead and call a home painter.

L&M Custom Coatings is a Painting Contractor specializing in interior and exterior home painting. In addition to giving your home a fresh coat of paint, we provide a variety of services including Deck Restorations, Sheetrock Repair, Paver Sealing and Pressure Washing.


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Painting Your Home For Sale


Increasing Your Homes Value by Hiring a Painting Contractor


Selling your home may not be as easy as you think; some homes stay in the market for months, have hundreds of potential buyers coming through but no offers at all. One way that you can insure that your home sells quickly and for the right price is to hire a painting contractor to spruce it up. A paint job will not cost you much but it can significantly affect the success of selling your house and how much you sell it for.


Painting Before You List Your Home


mandeville house painterPainting your home before you put it on the market is about more than just tidying things up. It will be noticed more by potential buyers as a home that has been well maintained.  When a potential buyer sees that a particular home is well maintained, that usually equates to getting to sell it that much faster and potentially for more money. You should not paint just the inside of the house, if needed, you should paint the outside and amenities as well, including things like wooden fences and anything else that needs painting in your yard. The foot traffic will notice and so will people driving by.  Showing that the home is kept in immaculate condition always puts your home on the top of the list over homes that may need to be freshened up.  When a buyer feels that the home is extremely well maintained, they are less likely to have the impression that other issues with the house may exist. This kind of attention will help you snag a buyer a lot quicker.



A Well Maintained Home Helps The Sale Process


A home that looks well maintained always sells for more money, and one way to make your home look well taken care of is to give it a complete paint job before you sell it. Generally speaking, a potential buyer who is willing to accept a home that needs work, is looking for a deal.  That type of buyer will try to low ball you on the price or ask for an excessive amount of repairs during the inspection period.   You will find that the offers you receive on a freshly painted home are closer to the asking price and ultimately can bring in significantly more money to the closing table without having to spend much money on a house painter.  When you or your real estate agent are showing the home make sure to point out that it was recently painted.


Painting Will Bring More Than You Spend


Since interior painting and exterior home painting is relatively inexpensive, you will generally bring substantially more money in that you spent on your panting contractor.  Its commonly known that homes recently painted will bring more money on the open market.  Some investors will actually purchase a home and do very little work other than interior and exterior painting and flip the house for a profit.  Don’t risk losing buyers for your home when all you have to spend is a little money invest in painting contractor for better home values and a faster sales process. There are a variety of painting services that can dramatically improve your homes value,  make sure you invest wisely if you are putting your home on the market to sell.

Choosing the Best Colors When Painting Your Home To Sell


Things to Consider When Hiring a Painting Contractor


Hiring a Painting Contractor

Are you looking to painting contractor? Not sure of what qualities you should be looking for? The painter that you choose to paint your home should not be just any house painter they have to be able to do the kind of paint job that your home deserves. Before you hire any painter, check for the following things:

Are they licensed and bonded? A license shows that they have legal permission to paint in your area. If they are bonded they will not hold you financially liable for medical costs in case they get injured while painting your home.

Experience In Painting Homes

Experience is very important in a home painter. The longer they have worked the better it shows that they have worked with a wide array of paints and that they know more about interior and exterior design. They can be able to guide you in areas where you are not sure. Experienced painters also tend to have the best equipment they have worked for many years over which they have invested in equipment to make their jobs better.

Can they show you a catalog of jobs that they have done in the past? Can they give you names of two or three former clients that you can call? When you do call, don’t forget to ask one very important question would you hire the same painter again?

Is their paint safe? It should not harm the people in the home, the pets if there are any and the environment as well.

Pricing For Painting a Home

Don’t think of price so much as the quality of service that you receive. Cheap home painters are usually that way because they haven’t invested in the right equipment. That said, you shouldn’t pay more than the current market rates, at least not by much.

If you are thinking about painting your home in an effort to prepare it for resale, we specialize in that style of work.  We work very well with Real Estate agents and know exactly what to do to get your home ready to list.

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